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    offer these courses to help build capacity in public health particularly among those in low- to middle-income countries. This should not only help with developing knowledge, but with putting this knowledge into practice. Courses include those to help with the review and open publication of research results.

    Please explore any of these courses. They are open access and self paced, so you can work through them in your own time. You may want to work through these on your own or in a group.

    The courses are all open for 'guest access' to anyone at any time. If you wish to gain a certificate of completion, you will have to register as a student - which you can easily do yourself and access is open and free.

    The certificates are earned by accessing the resources, making reflective posts to forums and passing a quiz. Each certificate contains a QR code for verification.

    You may want to find a mentor to help you work through the courses - if so, consider registering with Peoples-Praxis.