Publishing, reviewing and appraising

How to review journal articles, modern methods of open peer review and preprints.

  • The challenges of peer review
  • How to review a journal article
  • Open reviewing and publishing
  • AI and the review process
  • Preprints and open reviews

Critical appraisal is the foundation of assessing evidence. Critical appraisal does not mean being critical, but taking a critical approach to information. Here, we are applying this to public health research methods

  • Anatomy of a research paper
  • Critical appraisal tools from CASP
  • A very simple generic checklist
  • A public health critical appraisal checklist
  • Critical appraisal for evaluations
See a (7-minute) summary for a general audience (lay summary) .

This site has been prepared by PublicHealth.Africa to provide resources about Open Science to the editors of journals that might publish articles on public health as well as to researchers who might want to publish their research in an open format. This is aimed in particular at journals and researchers in the Global South, but will have general relevance.

  • Understand the concepts, advantages and disadvantages of Open Science in relation to public health research
  • For journal editors to know how to set up your journal for open publishing
  • For researchers to know how to submit your research paper and the underlying data so that they are freely available for open access
  • Consider how to explore, develop and advocate for new approaches to the open publication of research and the underlying data